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Do you have enough money? Do you have the right people? Is your office outdated? Are you getting by with what you have? Settling in other words?

Common wisdom says to wait until you are ready; wait until you have the product you are selling out of beta and into final form; wait, wait and wait…

Far too many business owners never reach their dreams and goals because they do not have all the resources they need to make it happen They focus on selling more to get the cash to hire the right marketing firm. After that, they reason, they will be positioned to make it all happen.

Create the right structure to assure success far before you can afford it.

This lesson will give you the precise detailed steps to take to get the right staff; all the physical resources (space, equipment, software, materials, supplies and whatever else is required) the quick and easy way. And, the best part is you will be able to get maximum productivity by following time proven recipes used by the greatest leaders.

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